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James Geddes Pastels
Now Represented at Aurora Gallery, Vancouver WA

Gallery North Edmonds WA February 2017

1004 Main Street Vancouver, WA 98660-3151

What's the Story Behind the Art

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I enjoy working with my hands and using my artistic imagination. I am only now beginning to understand the importance of this to my soul.

In 2008 I picked up a pastel and made my first mark. At the time I had no idea it was the beginning of a journey and the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Art allows me the freedom to express myself and answer my curiosities. I make paintings that provoke thought and pleasure. And hopefully create a connection with others that I know and I haven't yet met.

I am still learning... I have only begun my journey...  Take a moment to share my travels so far.


There is so much more to a painting than paint on a canvas.
Find out "What's the Story Behind the Art"
by sending an email to James:
Put SIGN ME UP in the subject line and a note if you'd like.

James will add you to the list of those interested in the art, the artist and his family.

Lady Lynx - 12x16 PastelMat

Cheetah - 12x16 PastelMat

9x12 - Applegate Station 1890s
Pen Ink - PanPastels

"Monte Vista Cabins"
Arthur Sommers: reference

Back in the day the Monte Vista had an annex across the street
that had the gift shop and cabins. This image shows old Highway 40
which ran from Sacramento to Reno. The Lincoln Highway is a block
north of this location at the Dutch flat exit.

Story of the Yeller Belly Swamp
Mandy and Maya read the Yeller Belly Swamp
for the first time! Watch out for them swamp haunts
Liza Lou!

Tulip Sunset
An old barn sits on the edge of
a Skagit valley tulip field as
a waining thunderstorm glows
in evening light

Drawing from a Keith Sutter photo reference.

Commission Three Generation Pastel Drawing
Can be seen at Neal the Barber shop in Battle Ground WA

Drop me a line if you would like a family, couple or individual portrait!


"Sunset Challenger" 20x24 Pastel on Uart
Odell photo refernce

Teton Foal
Odell "horse reference" 

"Gander's Pond"

Ladies in Lavender

Maya Spring

Daisy Fields Forever

"Flowers for Mom" 8x10

Our zinnia beds are full of color and the kids who
come to visit love picking bouquets of flowers for their moms!

Sunflowers look on as each color is picked with care!

Tetons Homestead 18x24

This is a recent painting from photo reference I took at the
Moulton Barn on Mormon's Row in the Tetons Valley.

As I stood taking the photo I thought to myself...
If this only had some beauitful horses in the Foreground!
Painting allows me to create what I feel not just what I see!

"Deschutes Ponies"
24x18 created from photos taken in the Sisters OR area 2017

"Running Free"
24x18 Pastel on UArt320

Leading up to our trip into Yellowstone and the Tetons,
I did a lot of reading
on the Wind River and Shoshone areas.
The scenery there is incredible and
wild horses still run free... This inspired my composition
which I conmpleted when I
returned from experiencing Fall in the Tetons!

"Eyes to Her Soul"
12x16 Pastel on LaCarte Card
I first painted this person in 2011 and this
year that painting found a new owner. "Cat"
has admired the painting for the past three years.
Now, our families will be separated by distance.

This new painting will always remind us of "Cat" and Michelle.
They will be missed....

"Fenceline Freeze"
16x20 Pastel

This is a composition that I created mentally after reading stories
about the struggles of cowboys. Sometimes you just have to
Cowboy Up! Nobody gonna do it for ya... Whinnin' not gonna help.
Just part of riding from the brand.

"Bright Eyes"
9x12 Pastel

From a special photograph when my grandson was standing on
my lap looking over the back of the chair at his mom who was
taking his photo in the light of Skagit Bay. Logan would always
take my hat and try to wear it.
This time I turned it around so
the light would fill his expression  with light.

Morning Shave

I purchased this bowl and picture for my mom when the Dutch Flat Antique shop was open in the mid 1960's. The bowl was NOT FOR SALE. But I was persisant and the shop keeper finally gave in. It was originally in the Dutch Flat Hotel and was in use when Mark Twain lectured at the Dutch Flat Opera House.

I staged this scene with the thought of Mark Twain using the bowl and picture which was put out for him while he was at breakfast. He would return with a newspaper, shave and freshen up after a morning read of Bret Harte's column, then out to visit the mines.

12x9 Pastel

Quiet Sunday morning in Old Town Auburn,
Someone left their truck from the night before. A  couple of patrons stop in to see George Tsuda, grab a paper, some milk and head up to Racetrack St. or Spring Street.

I remember the smell of Tsuda's Grocery. I think it was from the fresh vegtables and rippening fruit... the old musty brick walls and wooden plank floors that George wood sweep with a mixture of oils and sawdust...

Good memories!

Crossing Fordyce Creek

Fordyce Creek goes way back into my childhood. My dad worked at DeWitt State Hospital and started there
in the early 1950's where he worked on the wards. His ward charge was John Neptune, who had ridden the borders of Arizona, New Mexico and traveled up and down the Rio Grande. John could out walk, out fish and out hunt any man... Rugged, tough as nails and as fair a man as I have ever met. John would stand on the canyon edge of the American River and tell us to meet him on the ridge across the river in three hours. "Be sure to stand ready to fire, King (his dog) and I will brush out the deer and run um up to you."

 For those who have never scene the American River Canyon, lets just say its nearly straight up and down, solid brush full of ticks bees and rattle snakes... Like I said... this was a NO BS man...

John told me to stay out of Fordyce Creek... "Rattlers are so thick in there the old timers, like Uncle Charlie, wore stove pipes on their legs to keep from getting hit!" I never went but... every couple years, as I grew older, I would as questions about the creek.... Have you ever been? I would say... "Yea last time we were there we parked the car and before we got all our gear out to hike down the mountain, 7 rattlers had crawled under the car to get out of the sun!" Like I said... I never went!

Cimarron Meadow
18x24 from our time spent in the Silverjack area Oct. 2016

Frogg's Hollow


High Sierra October Morning

Phillip's Meadow

Wallowa Ranch

No Bull Breakfast


"Shake On It"

18x24 UArt 320 mounted
From the Victor MT Bitterroot Valley

Currently Showing at Aurora Gallery Vancouver WA

Moving Day
24x30 Uart
Concept Art - No Reference

Currently Showing at Aurora Gallery Vancouver WA


Autumn Rendezvous
12x16 Uart 320
From my photo taken in Cimarron County Colorado

24x28 UArt 320 on panel
Landscape from Aspen CO area
Horse and rider courtesy Eric Ward Flikr CC

Currently Showing at Aurora Gallery Vancouver WA

"No Bull!"
20x16 PastelMat on board
Photo Reference: Wes Schultz

"Just a Pinch"
20x16 LaCarte Board
Wes Schlutz Reference

Looking East Into the Wind
12x16 UArt Board
Adaptation from a Brian Zimmerman Image

"Soup Bone"
12x16 Pastel on LaCarte panel
Photo Reference: Anne Worner


Bhutan Harvest
16x12 Uart 320
Reference: Steve Evans

Calving in a Blue Norther
9x12 pastel on Premier 320
Private Collection: John Jackson & Delette Zieglemann Jackson

12x16 Canson Touch
Our Daughter Meadow

"Prayer Bubbles" Bhutan Monk
12x16 LaCarte Card
Photo: Steve Evans

"Clancy" 20x16 LaCarte Paper
Photo Reference: Todd Klassy

3 Amigas
11x14 on Strathmore Grey Toned Paper
Photo Courtesy S. Fisher

"Testing the Water"
18x24 Wallis Museum Board
Photo Courtesy Travis Swan

"In the Eyes of a Child"
Photo Reference Courtesy:
Steve Evans


12x16 LaCarte Soft Pastels

12x16 LaCarte

18x24 Pastel on Uart

"Caddis Light"
24x18 Pastel on UArt 320 Panel

Cottonwood Gold
12x16 on my Pumice Ground Board

'40 Pontiac Woody
10x6 on wood panel
Pastel & Pitt Pen
Photo Reference: Rex Gray

Golden Tree of Light

12x16 Wallis Board
Inspired by a Phil Bates Work
and a golden maple on our river bank

Tea for Two
Chiaroscuro Still Life 11x14 on PastelMat

Ballerina Small Works Series

All works must have an outside frame size of less than 12 inches.




Private Collection

Werkuha: Precious Water
12x16 Pastel on Canson Mi Teintes
From a Steve Evan's Photograph

Patricia Lake Reflection
SELECTED for the 27th Annual International Open Exhibit Pastel Show

May 4th Tacoma WA:

 the 27th Annual International Pastel Exhibit for the Pacific Northwest Pastel Society was juried by renown pastelist and painter Lorenzo Chavez. There were 300 entrants from all over the US and Canada, so  I felt very fortunate and proud to have been selected for the exhibit and I was awarded the first annual NPS Maggie Price Memorial Award for my painting Patricia Lake Reflections.

Maggie Price recently passed and was instrumental in the promotion and appreciation of pastel painting. She was the founder of the Pastel Journal I am most pleased with receiving the first Maggie Price memorial award. I have spent many hours reading Maggie's books and watching her DVDs. Although I never met her, I felt connected to her through her teaching and love of pastels.... Her absence is heartfelt in our community.  

Lorenzo was kind enough to have a photo taken with me after his critique of my work. I would also like to thank my mentor, Phil Bates, for all the help and support he offered during the painting of Patricia Lake Reflections and my other projects!

This show is the best I have seen and has many excellent works of art on display. The show runs through June 14th. The American Art Company is hosting the show and the show can be visited and paintings purchased Monday through Saturday at 1126 Broadway, Tacoma WA, 98402


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